Sooyoungro Multicultural Sunday School

We, “Ellevision” Multicultural Sundayschool embraces 12 families from different countries. 

Ellevision means God’s love and vision. 

Through Jesus Christ’s grace, we “Multicultural” community is a loving and serving community, just like the early church, Antioch.

Children from age 5 to 13 worship together.

Our children are exposed to opportunities of observing many different cultures. This unique circumstance enhances their perspectives and receptivity.

  • Every 5th Sundays: “Friend’s Day” Come along with your friends! 😊

  • SIM Academy (Korean, English, Music, afternoon classes)

  • Praise team

  • Little Discipleship Training

Time and Place

12:00-13:20 Ellev 5th floor (Sooyounggoo)

Sunday School Pastor Kristine :

Our vision is this: “Respond to God’s Calling!” 

We hope that children will live and grow as according to God’s calling,  We hope that wherever they are, in whatever circumstances they are in, and whoever they are; When God calls they respond.